Cashiers hate extreme couponers

Or are you still sick of seeing customers turning up into stores with coupon after coupon after coupon, oh and some vouchers too? I read an article back in that said retailers were getting smart and changing their policies in relation to how many of these barcoded beasts of burdon we could take, but nothing seems to have changed. I mean whose fault is it? Certainly not the pour soul who is paid minimum wage on the checkout. Heaven forbid that the complex money saving algorithm they spent most of the week concocting has a flaw.


Do they really need 57 blocks of cheese that will go out of date before they can even eat them? They really are my biggest frustration at the minute. Anyone agree?????????????

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Thanks for your reply. It sounds like you have some valuable retail experience. Thanks in advance, ,Mark.

Couponing Story Time. Rude Walmart Cashier!!

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I hate retail extreme couponers!!! Share the joy. They really are the rudest type of customer mark beddau says:.

Extreme Couponers

January 30, at pm Reply. Anonymous says:. January 30, at am Reply. I try to stick to going to the stores really early or late I prefer 24 hour stores because I can go super late after the kids are asleep and I can take my time without making anyone angry :. I find it highly annoying to be in line behind a person who is going through all their coupons, it's not just your time that you're taking up.

Could I go to another line? Yes, but usually I don't know someone is going to be doing all this until they get to the actual register, and 9 times out of 10 I've waited for a couple people before them to go through. I think that when a store is busy it is rude to monopolize a line by shuffling through your binder, checking, re-checking, and checking prices again while there is a line of people behind you.

Stores should have "couponer hours" set up so all the couponers can wait in line behind eachother and check prices to their hearts content. Or maybe a dedicated coupon register for anyone with more than like 15 coupons. I do my couponing like that at our Commisary. I hate doing it elsewhere. Only because I Don't get dirty looks and everyone stands in one line and then you go to the next available checkout. So really there isn't ever a long line behind me or anything because the cashier won't let another person put their stuff on the belt before I'm almost done. So it worked out.

And the Commisary expects you to use coupons. They always ask you for them and will let you go to the aisle and grab one if you didn't see it or go to the coupon bar to pick on up if you forgot. I use coupons and don't hold up a line. They just scan them like they would other products.

Big deal. If checking prices hold up a line then they are horribly unorganized. I double check everything before I even get in line. The only thing that ever takes any time is the price matching and that is if I am doing so with more than 10 products. Which is rare. I try to keep my trips short. And my non-coupon shopping is done separately so that it causes minimal fuss. I always pull my coupons as I put groceries into my cart so that when I get to the check-out they are ready to go and nothing more than pieces of paper to scan. I do think its rude to shuffle through the binder at the register to find a coupon.

It should pulled and ready to go. I asked her if she was jealous or childless.

The Myths of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” – How Couponing Really Works

Diapers, formula, wipes and laundry detergent - if I coupon nothing else those four alone are worth the effort. I don't think they're too bad. I did it for a while. I never got looks, but after reading the posts here I think I know why. As I picked up items I had a coupon for, I would pull out that coupon.


I didn't buy only couponed items or search the store like crazy. And as I put the stuff on the belt at the resister, I put the coupon on top. I honestly wasn't obsessively watching to see if they got used--I had faith in my cashier. And I didn't freak out if I read the coupon wrong or it didn't ring up for the item I thought it should. I just took it home to read over later to see where I went wrong.

How interesting This isn't here in Australia or if it is I don't see it. We get cheap petrol when you show them a docket or they scan your petrol card Haha thats all I can think of L by Luna9. Hot Topics. Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on Hot Topics.

K Why such hate for couponers? admin