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This was accidental but I want that to be a thing more often.

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Dodging the Gate of Babylon with Wild Star like it's nothin. February 15, edited February 16, February 16, February 17, edited September 10, February 18, edited February 18, Attempted a 3 party member guild run. While we didn't complete the run, we did get pretty decently far for a 3 party run. We died around 7.

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That and we ran out of potions. It is funny because for me, Gate is either a hit or a miss.

Or I die from Gate throughout the entire party. It is always random. February 27, Trio clear. I only recorded the last 9 minutes or so. My ending was pretty sloppy but it's work in progress. It was our 1st trio clear attempt as well so we can probably eventually get better clear times. Those two also have cleared it in duo already,very competitive players. I don't know what makes me more depressed: That someone would stoop so low for gold or that someone would actually fall for it.

You should never take a ride from a stranger—especially if it's in DayZ and there's zero reason why that person shouldn't break your legs and leave you for dead. It might not be a traditional scam, but FixTheBloodyGame let's call him Fix has a story so brutal that it's only made worse by the fact that they got nothing out of it.

Needless to say, we had some ulterior motives. They stumbled upon a freshly-spawned player trying to get across the map so he could team up with his friend. After 3 minutes of flying, he got very confused and asked where we were heading. As Fix explains, in the far northeastern corner of the map is an island so small that no zombies spawn on it and most players don't even know it exists. After watching this poor sap run around trying to find the invisible tents, Fix decided to get nasty.

As soon as he got close we flew away. After he started getting sad in side chat we flew back to him and fixed his legs—only to snap them and repeat the whole process again. Fix explains it was only when the island was a tiny dot on the horizon that they fully realized what an ass they had been.

He now only had a few choices: Swim to shore which would take multiple hours , starve to death again, multiple hours in real time , or quit the server and never return. There was no suicide button and he had no gear to kill himself with. Reading this story, the optimist in me hoped that maybe Fix and their friends would find their conscience and head back for their crippled passenger. Word was spreading that we were active and friendly, and so we started getting quite a few applications.

I had to travel out of state to be with his family and help with the arrangements, so I handed over some of the control of the guild to a 'trusted' friend in the game—specifically the ability to recruit or ban people from the guild. I explained what was going on and that I wanted the guild to continue growing by admitting people while I was away. Apparently even a real-life tragedy won't stop some people from abusing power. Xyzzy returned to a terrible surprise. We received a mountain of entries involving Runescape.

This MMO is a madhouse of skullduggery, but Jake Brandt's story stands out because he was so hilariously naive as to fall for the same scam twice in a row. As he explains, his pride and joy was his full set of adamantium armor, which was the second-most powerful in the game at the time. Around that time, Jagex had released special sets of armor that had ornate gold or silver trimming along the outer edges.

It was highly fashionable and Jake wanted some.

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There's just one problem: there was no way to convert normal armor into trimmed armor. Instead of learning this lesson, Jake decided to roll the dice a second time. One of them walked up to me and offered to add gold trim my remaining armor. I don't remember how I could have possibly thought it was a good idea to try this again, but I did. I even made him swear he wouldn't keep my armor like the last guy. Zed's willingness to think on his feet is astounding. While playing Diablo 2 one day, he found an open public game named "Cody come" and decided to play a trick: He was going to pretend to be Cody.

It wasn't Cody, but a random PvPer who immediately turned hostile and challenged the two to a fight. We lost a boat load of gold and this guy was getting very upset," Zed explains. Then Zed saw his opportunity to strike. It was obviously one of the high end game rune weapons because we were in hell mode," Zed says. I requested trade and to my surprise the trade window opened. I got the item and left the game. Many of the stories we received took place while playing games, but BunnyBot had the unfortunate experience of being scammed through Steam's trading interface.

In my tired, sleep-deprived mind, I figured that Andrew was the kind of guy to do this kind of stuff, and if he tried to skimp me, I could just walk down to his house and chew him out. In my moment of weakness, I traded him my most prized possession. As BunnyBot quickly realized the moment "Andrew" unfriended him and ran off with his Max's Head, "another one of my Steam friends had a very similar screen name to Andrew's.

When BunnyBot began messaging him thinking he was Andrew, "the sleazy fuck" played along with it and "pretended to be [his] friend. They could already be on your friends list, lying in wait for just the right opportunity. A common theme in most of these stories was that the scammer always got away without consequence, but Jirka paid dearly for his scam. Back in , Jirka and his four friends, barely teenagers, got into playing Runescape. As he explains, they knew very little about the game and spent a great deal of time on YouTube learning how to play. That's when they came across a video teaching how to lure people into the open-PvP Wilderness so you could kill them and take their stuff.

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They were very excited. Using computers at their school, the five friends decided to give the scam a try. It was kinda hard and we were just copying and pasting every word we saw in the video.

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He explains that he convinced his friends to drop everything to come to his aid but only bring their cash so they had more room to pick up his victim's items. Except there was no victim. Earlier, Jirka had used all of his cash to purchase a set of rune armor—some of the best in the game.

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