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Prepaid Packages are not subject to a credit vetting process. If hardware is required then this needs to purchase on cash basis. Call Me Back. Perfect to put into your existing phone, tablet , dongle or laptop. Click Here. Call Us: Email: connect dsltelecom. Affordable Mobile Data. Get Quote. Data Transfer is a service that allows prepaid, post-paid and hybrid customers to transfer a portion of their DataExtenda bundle or choose to purchase a DataExtenda bundle for another customer on the Cell C network.

To transfer a portion of data, the customer must have a DataExtenda bundle loaded. To purchase a DataExtenda bundle for a friend, the customer does not need to have a DataExtenda bundle. The Epic packages are available on both post-paid and Top Up for new and existing customers. Epic package deals comprising of both a handset and SIM card are available on month contracts only.

There is no carry-over of any unused rand value. Any unused rand value will be forfeited. The Pinnacle packages are available on both post-paid and Top Up for new and existing customers. Customers who take out a SIM-Only Pinnacle package deal have a choice of month-to-month, 12, 18 and month contract length. There is no carry-over of any unused value from month to month. Any unused value will be forfeited. The Contract Buyout amount you qualify for will depend on the amount outstanding on your current contract.

In order to participate in the service, customers must: have lawful title to the device presented for trade-in. Once the trade-in value has been displayed to the customer, the value shall be final and Cell C shall not be obliged to enter into any discussions with the customer regarding the value displayed as the trade-in value.

Cell C has the right to withdraw, or shorten the duration of the service, in its sole discretion and absolute discretion and will notify customers if it chooses to do so. Customers will not have a claim against Cell C in this event. The call centre number is , where your policy will be issued and administered, and where all claims under your policy will be handled. Anyone helping you in store is not authorised to give you any recommendation, guidance or advice about whether you should take out the policy.

Cell C Franchise Booklet Oct-Nov by Cell C South Africa - Issuu

They will give you factual details about the policy, guide you through the brochure, and answer any routine questions you may have. C Surance is not compulsory.

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You are free to take out alternative cover of your own choice. You will not be insured until you receive an SMS on your mobile device confirming that your insurance cover has begun. Therefore, you must activate the mobile device and SIM card immediately. If you do not receive an SMS confirming cover within 24 hours, please contact Finrite, on the above contact details.

GetMore is a recurring value added service available to valid Cell C contract customers. The subscription fee gives customers access to the service for a month.

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Membership benefits are provided via a contact service centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or via www. MiAssist is a recurring value added service available to valid Cell C contract customers. The MiAssist service is available 24 hours a day. MyAutoCare services are recurring value added services available to valid prepaid and contract customers. Activating any of the services gives customers access to the applicable service for a month.

The services are available nationally 24 hours a day. For full Terms and Conditions on all products, visit www. In the meantime, I have at great expense had the router and laptop couriered to me from the parents-in-law to try to get to the bottom of the data usage.

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Most of that is browser traffic. There are no system downloads, nothing. One other source one might assume, could be other devices. As I mentioned earlier, they do not have a smartphone or any other wireless devices, and they have not given access to this router to anyone. Another possibility is that this is the result of fraud within CellC, which given the recent reports of insider fraud within MTN and FNB , is not out of the question.

I cannot verify where this usage is coming from, as they will not send me the data transfer records. I have never experienced such poor service in the communications sector. I will escalate this to my regional consumer affairs office if the charges are not reversed and the irregularities resolved within 7 days. Are any of these once-off deals still available, or have they been discontinued?

Anybody got more info about the above deal? I was told from another forum that is only available in store. Better deal than the telkom one as it offers 15gb midnight data also. I'm having an issue with CellC where an upgrade was processed on my out of contract number. Instead of processing the upgrade the person processed it as a new line but gave me absolutely no indication of this.

I only noticed that I now have 2 debit orders going off so I went to a CellC shop to find out what is going on. That is when they informed me of the 2nd line but said they can't do anything to help me, I need to phone customer service. I phoned customer service this morning but they were also unable to assist me in getting rid of the new line. The level of service from CellC has become shockingly terrible. Can anyone recommend a contact that would be able to actually assist me in sorting out this kind of issue?

Tested with a CellC prepaid sim I now want to buy a Giga prepaid data package or a Smartdata contract. The CellC call centre agents says these packages only works if you connect to a CellC tower and not via Vodacom roaming. In the terms and conditions for the Giga packages it says just that, but I can't find any info for the Smartdata contracts. I don't have a CellC tower anywhere close to me.

Living in the Northern Cape, middle of nowhere. Can anything be done to allow me to access these packages via Vodacom? Have anybody else manage to use these packages on the Vodacom network? I signed up for this in mid February and thought in March that because it was a partial month in Feb there was no rollover of unused data, sms or minutes.


Yesterday it was confirmed by the Cell C rep that there is no rollover for unused, data minutes or sms on any of their Pinnacle packages. It is a standard practice across all cellular networks in South Africa to roll over unused items from the previous months to the next month. I have to ask the question why it is not mentioned anywhere that I can find in their advertising and why the consultant failed to mention it at all when I signed the contract? What I have done: 1 done a sim swop no joy 2 changed phones same problem 3 Tested a 2nd sim - services available What Cell C has done 1 Reset mailbox - nothing 2 Reviewed network settings -nothing 3 cleared phone caches - nothing 4 loaded mmi fix -nothing It's now being referred to the back office, but maybe someone else has an idea of what's going.

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I'm considering moving from Afrihost mobile to CellC prepaid. Does that mean the product is no longer available?

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  3. A Showmax subscription, worth R99 per month, at no extra charge.
  4. Please could you let me and all of us know how the penalty is calculated should anyone decide to cancel the contract due to issues such as connectivity problems. Is one only liable to pay for the hardware for example? Why it is not provisioned for by default I don't know. How can this be? It is still not working after numerous emails. Anyone had this issue before? They appear to come from CellC themselves. How can I stop getting this rubbish? Has anyone noticed that cell c throttle certain ports on prepaid cause my normal Sim card smart data , isn't experiencing any throttling whatsoever , on the giga card takes forever to download something using the same ports, and running a speed test shows LTE speeds but downloading is astarious, over 4 hours to download meg, on smart data less than 8 minutes.

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