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Iogo is my youngest daughters favorite yogurt!!! We love the drinkable ones, great for a quick snack!! Fry chicken, fish with a thumb size ginger. This will lessen the smell inside the house.

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Check Your Local Canadian Newspaper For A $4 Off IOGO Yogurt Coupon

Put hydrogen peroxide to the stain. It will go away like magic. Joke time!! Thanks Nadine! Happy Canada Day everyone! These little yogurt pouches didn't last very long in my house. My niece and my little sister absolutely loved them! They are a decent price, convenient to just pop in a diaper bag or purse and just go, and they taste delicious.

I would absolutely recommend! I gotitfree today and gave them the apple cherry beet for a snack after their nap and they ate it within seconds. They both said it tasted yummy. I tried one and it is very good. Alittle runny but for a healthy on the go snack this is great. I will be getting more for sure! I was a little hesitant about yogurt in a pouch, but my kids quickly set me straight. The convenience and mess-free eating is awesome. I did notice it is a little runny and dripped easily if the kids tipped it, but they really enjoy this snack!

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We received this product free for review purposes. Love: I got the Apple-Strawberry nano pouch. I find them to be perfect for packing lunch in kids' lunch box, unlike a regular yogurt cup, they are resealable if you don't throw away the cap. It is one of the better tasting yogurt than some other national brands. Don't love: I am a bit of tree hugger so I am always weary of individual packaged food products. I supposed they are supposed to be recyclable.

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The price point is a little higher than regular individual package cup yogurts. I used my coupon to get this kind and because I was having my granddaughter over, I must say she loved it and I had to give it a try as well, the flavour was very good and it was nice and creamy. My favourite part is they don't make a mess, she is getting her yogurt and I don't have to worry about it falling off the spoon, these are awesome and I will be buying them again! We would like to send you notifications on the latest Product Review Club offers.

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