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I just wanted some coupons to go shopping with today.

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It has been several hours and I still do not have any coupons printed and I still can't get any coupons printed because they can't verify my phone number. It started out fine while I selected the coupons I wanted but when I went to print it asked me for my phone number. Okay, no problem, I typed in and submitted my phone number. I waited 5 minutes for a verification code but nothing came. I clicked on the little link that is there for those who don't receive a code.

Nothing happened. I waited several moments and tried again. Again, nothing. I started the process over and it said my phone number could not be verified and I would have to contact them. That sucks, oh well. Let's contact them. I am not able to contact them because the page is unavailable.

It's the only number I have so I can't try any alternate suggestions either.

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I have emailed their support team but it doesn't take away the horrible anger and frustration I am still feeling from having this much trouble just trying to get coupons. Absolutely ridiculous. Their food section used to hold approximately 80 coupons. This morning, there are What the hell happened to this site??????? There is some problem when you try and get your money back. The emails they send you are no help at all!

I started to use Coupons app on my phone. I added the coupons before I went to Walmart. As soon as I made my purchase, I took the picture and submit it right at the store. Coupons has been giving me fuss by asking me to resubmit the receipt and said right next to my coupon item - "Please complete your rebate method under the profile tab to finalize your request. Please keep your receipt until your coupons have been fully processed. I also sent an email to support coupons. I purchase the exact item stated on the coupon.

This is very misleading. I won't even buy those items if it is not available under coupon. I went to my local grocer and before going I wanted to use coupons from Coupons. However when I go to check out none of my coupons work. This is not a site to trust. I researched what coupons the grocer accepted.

Moreover they accept Coupons. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Manufacturer coupons not sent to printer but Coupons. This problem has occurred numerous times. This website used to be the best place to get coupons.

This is negligence, or fraud, probably both. I complied with all requirements within the offer time period. Do not do business or expect responsibility from Coupons. Rebate Details - Pay to: Valued Customer. Address: Hamilton Ave. San Jose CA Date Purchased: Rebate Must be claimed by: I used it for about 6 months, loved printing coupons.

Then suddenly it wouldn't accept my phone number for verification. I contacted customer service and they said pre-paid numbers don't work. After telling them I have been using the same number for 6 months they had no answer. It'll work for a few months, then it won't accept my number again.


They offer no other verification such as email verification either, ONLY phone number. Obviously this is some problem with their software that it will work then not work. So for the last 3 months I am unable to print ANY coupons whatsoever cause it won't accept my phone number verification and customer service is unable to help me. What happened to the pet coupons, I used to visit this site and there would be anywhere between pet coupons, for both cats and dogs. Now there are about pet coupons, and those coupons are for the more expensive food. Very disappointed. IS awful. Some stores I went to purchase the item no refund.

They tells me to contact the store on the coupon policy Not worth my time. There are so many restrictions that I am unable to print coupons anymore. The people who need coupons can't print them because of the following reasons: "Your phone number is not able to be verified. Our Print Verification technology has basic requirements in order to work. If you have used your number previously to print from our website and partner websites, and now you are not able to verify your phone number, it could be one of three reasons:.

Your number has been repeatedly used on one or more web services within a short time frame which can cause your number to be a non-valid number, and now cannot be verified. You have your web browser settings set to clear cache and cookies upon exiting and restarting your browser.

This is such a horrible horrible change! None of the reasons above applied to me. Their new software is so restrictive and the people who have no contract phones are the ones that need the coupons the most!

This company does not treat consumers evenly! I need to have deals or sales and coupons to keep our family healthy and well fed. Coupons, there are small deals but saves money in the end. I used deal websites whenever we have a family outing or travel to get deals on specific things.

It's been good but in some ways hard to find the items I need or want. I look for specific things - food items, clothing, children's items, toys for our children in our home, auto items, bathroom items, school supplies, pet care items, and every day-to-day items needed to live comfortably. App Review

But how much can one person take with all the printing of coupons? I don't like that I have to physically print printer ink is expensive and so is the paper. Also carrying all those prints become difficult. The coupons, I wish they were available on a mobile device. They have a very large amount of coupons which are updated all the time for a wide variety of products that I purchase on a regular basis as well as products I would love to try. The variety of coupons available for good brands and the website is very easy to use, and not confusing at all.

The coupons are very clear as to their worth, limitations and restrictions. But it would always be nice if the coupons were of a higher value or allowed for use of more than one for each purpose. I love saving money! After constructing my shopping list to see if there are any coupons for the products I already plan to buy new items that would be an great deal.

My local stores think they are being scammed and they won't let you use too many coupons at once. It's like they don't trust their customers. My phone acts up in the store too. It ends up being a big hassle and I give up on using the coupons all together. They have quite a bit to offer but they should have more than you define what you are looking for in exact matches. I want to find what I am looking for and not have to look at a hundred different items before finding the one item I want to see.

I also like deals where you do not have to buy more than one item at a time. I don't like to have to buy multiple items that I won't use in a while and I won't use as a gift right away. But overall I like everything about the sites. I browse Coupons. There has been a pretty wide variety of coupons for all types of items like food and they are decent one too that take a good amount of money off the price of the item.

A lot of the coupons are for products that I typically buy and they are common brands that I can find in many of the grocery stores around me. I also like how it is very easy to navigate and browse all of the available coupons. But it's hard to find deals for a specific grocery store or a specific product that I want. For example, there is no search or sort by option so that I could find products exclusively for a single grocery store or a specific product or brand that I buy.

Overall, a good experience!

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I use coupons from here at Meijer, Target, Walgreens, and several other stores. I almost always use coupons from here, especially when grocery shopping. I always look for food and pet coupons. Sometimes I get stuff for free or close to it because of the coupons on this website.

However, I wish they still allowed 2 prints per coupon per device. They recently updated their website to where you get 2 prints per phone number and I dislike this. I also wish there were more coupons available for pets. I use Coupons. I only look for stuff that will help a lot. Not just one thing. I usually check for the most savings I can get for the things needed and necessary. Most of the deals are good and saves a lot of money. Very good with coupons for all the things I need and it's easy to use and print out the stuff needed.

The experience is great for all the coupons you can get to save money. There is always some certain item you look for and may not be there or very little savings but then there is some things that make up for the others. However, I dislike it when I have to look for a specific item and there's no coupon for it, then I have to go to another site to look for it or in the newspaper. But overall it's pretty decent when I just go to one site and not shopping all over for coupons promos or other.

I use the website all the time. The deals range from okay to amazing. I've found some very good deals there on everything from memberships to food, clothes, concert and movie tickets, coupons for restaurants and flowers, offers for automotive services. And the website makes it easy to sort by what type of deal you are looking for, food, fashion, entertainment, automotive as well as by brand, location and theme. However, they don't remove expired deals it seems, so you may Google for sobering and brought to the page only to find the deal is expired, or not available in your area.

They have groceries, baby items, etc which is great! Coupon Sherpa is the original mobile coupon app for in-store purchases. It allows you to print coupons, download scannable digital coupons, and find coupons based on your proximity to nearby stores. For digital coupons, all you need to do is show the barcode to the cashier and they will scan it. That flexibility makes this a pretty flexible along with the fact that the savings are instant.

To save money on experiences and visiting restaurants, you should check Groupon first for local deals. You can save some additional money at Groupon by visiting the site through Ebates coupon app also recommended on this list that also offers a cash back discount. If you liked Groupon, you can also give Living Social a try. Just about every town has a Walmart and you can save money with the Walmart Savings Catcher app for in-store purchases.

Simply scan the bar-code at the bottom of your store receipt within 7 days and Walmart will compare the prices you paid to those offered by other local stores. If they overcharged you, you get the difference back as a cash reward. You can load the cash rewards on a Walmart gift card or Bluebird American Express card. After all, items have been scanned by the cashier, they need to scan the bar-code from the Target app to get the additional savings.

While a few of the apps mentioned here will automatically enter all Amazon coupons into your cart at checkout, sometimes you want to browse the specials before you shop. Amazon Coupons lets you look at all the current offers from every shopping category. As with certain products on the Amazon website, they are only available to Amazon Prime members. That holds true with select coupons too. SnipSnap is a coupon app that allows you to activate offers from stores or scan the bar-codes of paper coupons to store them electronically.

When you are ready to checkout, you have the cashier scan the digital bar-code and accrue the savings at the register. Another feature of SnipSnap is showing specials based on your current location. The app will display pinpoints of retailers and their specials. As you walk across the mall or drive to a different shopping center, a new set of coupons will display from the stores closest to you. Yipit helps you find the best daily deals and coupons. They will send you a daily newsletter for the best deals in your city. While Yipit has a large selection of cities to choose from, you will need to see if they provide deals for your metropolitan area.

If you live in one of the cities they serve, you might use this as an alternative to Groupon or Living Social. You can also get online coupons from Yipit. Yipit will also tell you what other apps have the same codes and if it worked for Yipit when they tried entering it. You can still save money by clipping coupons from the newspaper and the mail.

However, using coupon apps makes saving money a lot easier and quicker. Plus, all these apps are free to use. All you need is a smartphone to get started and you can start saving the next time you visit your favorite grocery store or department store. Have you used any of these apps? Download Our Free Starter Budget form.

Sign up for our newsletter to get this budget form now! Thank you for the tips. Is there an app that will check my grocery cart for coupons and apply them? For instance, I have my Walmart grocery cart: the app checks my items and warns me if their is a coupon for a certain product in my cart.

It would be great if there was an app to just check my cart and apply coupons. Apps, like Ibotta, have a barcode scanner that let you scan items to see if an active offer exists. You have to scan each item individually and opt-in to the offer before you redeem the receipt. It sounds like a million dollar idea if you ask me! I have gone through many of the apps that got mentioned in this article. Its very effective and time-saving to get the coupons here that give the best ever discounts from online stores.

I have recently gone through an app which provides coupons and offers. If you are looking for the app that is more user-friendly with timely updated coupons, offers one can opt to use this most useful coupons app. Your email address will not be published. Table of Contents Top Coupon Apps 1. Ebates 2. Ibotta App 3.

Honey 4. SavingStar 5. Shopkick App 7. MobiSave 8. Smart Source 9. Red Plum RetailMeNot Grocery iQ Coupon Sherpa admin